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The Founders 3 – Adam Traidman

Bitcoin is actually making people’s lives better.
— Adam Traidman

I spoke with Adam Traidman, co-founder of bredwallet, the most popular decentralized Bitcoin wallet.

I met him in 2015 when he came to Japan to put in a serious effort to enter the Japanese market. From this fact, it is clear that he was looking toward the Japanese market from a very early stage. Now, there may not be a single Bitcoin user in Japan who doesn’t know about breadwallet. It is the most popular, user-friendly wallet app with a simple design and highly-rated security.
Because Adam was originally an engineer for NASA, his general thought process is highly technical. He has also founded startups in Silicon Valley and has served as CEO for multiple companies in the past. Through his experience, he has created various products and teams and produced results.
In 2014, he founded breadwallet with co-founder Aaron. By all means, please enjoy his first interview that focuses on his vision, which had not been covered before.