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The Founders 5 – Pavel Matveev

Bitcoin is a great instrument for cross border, international payment. And it’s great instrument for p2p payments.
— Pavel Matveev

I talked with Pavel Matveev, co-founder of Wirex, the largest distributor of Bitcoin debit cards.
Wirex is a banking platform that realized the potential of Bitcoin, and promptly turned payment through Bitcoin using a debit card into a reality, expanding the market. Its perceptive founders already have their sights on the next step.

I met Pavel in fall of 2016, when we both spoke at the same event. At the time, he told me after I had just delivered a raving speech about the possibilities of Japan’s market, that “Japan already has a market of the largest scale.” I was deeply impressed by the very fact that he had already come from the faraway land of London to pioneer the Japanese market. Since then, we have gotten together to talk about a future we can both envision every time he comes to Japan.
Listen to the 5th of The Founders, Pavel Matveev himself, discuss the possibilities of Bitcoin debit cards as the “Last Mile Solution,” and his vision for what comes next.

Wirex Bitcoin Debit Card & Multicurrency Wallet – Secure solutions for your digital money

The Founders 4 – Marco Streng

We’re driving the revolution.
— Marco Streng

Marco Streng, Co-Founder and CEO of the world’s largest cloud Bitcoin mining company, GenesisMining, took the time to answer my questions in the video.
Marco appeared in an edition of TEDxTalks and quickly became a sensation. How did he learn about cryptocurrencies, and how did he come to create the largest company in the business? He spoke with me concerning his thoughts on cryptocurrencies.

I first met him in a restaurant in Singapore. It wasn’t until we had spoken together for a few minutes that I realized that the eloquent young gentleman in front of me was actually the founder of GenesisMining.
What sort of possibilities did he see in Bitcoin and Altcoins as a mathematician and entrepreneur? What sparked his plan into action, and how did he go about building up a company which would achieve such astounding results? I thought I would like to share the answers to these questions with as many people as possible, and, while enjoying a meal of sushi paid for in Bitcoin, I began to interview him.
It is certainly worth noticing that the founder of one of the largest companies in the business is a member of the same generation and incredibly easy to speak with. I hope you enjoy listening to how this global revolution began and how it came to see such an explosive spread throughout the world.
Without further ado, please enjoy listening to what the fourth guest of The Founders, Marco Streng, has to say.


The Founders 3 – Adam Traidman

Bitcoin is actually making people’s lives better.
— Adam Traidman

I spoke with Adam Traidman, co-founder of bredwallet, the most popular decentralized Bitcoin wallet.

I met him in 2015 when he came to Japan to put in a serious effort to enter the Japanese market. From this fact, it is clear that he was looking toward the Japanese market from a very early stage. Now, there may not be a single Bitcoin user in Japan who doesn’t know about breadwallet. It is the most popular, user-friendly wallet app with a simple design and highly-rated security.
Because Adam was originally an engineer for NASA, his general thought process is highly technical. He has also founded startups in Silicon Valley and has served as CEO for multiple companies in the past. Through his experience, he has created various products and teams and produced results.
In 2014, he founded breadwallet with co-founder Aaron. By all means, please enjoy his first interview that focuses on his vision, which had not been covered before.

The Founders 2 – Toby Hoenisch

There is a huge disruption coming.
— Toby Hoenisch

This time, I was able to speak with Toby, the founder of TenX in Singapore.
I first got to know him between the years of 2011 and 2012. This was before Bitcoins had really come to the forefront. Well, more accurately, this was just as they had begun to receive attention, but most people still did not know what they were and did not believe in their value.
Neither he nor I started off in the realm of Bitcoin technology. We both had created other startups and were taking on a variety of challenges in completely different fields. It was during this time that we met each other at the Hacker News Meetup.
He and I had quite a few things in common. First of all, we were both engineers and entrepreneurs. We were both in Osaka Japan when we first met. We both went on to move to Singapore. And, finally, we were both fascinated by the idea of Bitcoins.
Why has Toby, a highly experienced hacker and entrepreneur, decided to pour his resources into Bitcoins and blockchains? How did he come across Bitcoins in the first place?
In the very early stages of his businesses, he came across Bitcoins quite unexpectedly while in Japan and resolved to put them to use in his projects. I will let him explain what happened from there himself. Take a look at the video below to find out more.

More information concerning the newest service from TenX, a payment platform which integrates multiple crypto currencies, is available here. This is quite the interesting project.

TenX | Blockchain Payment Platform

A video is available showing actual payments made with Ethereum in real time using this service.

The service can be used in Japan as well as long as the user has a smartphone which supports it. There is a video showing this use of the service as well.

I can relate wholeheartedly with the revolution which TenX is aiming to realize. Looking at the outstanding and highly skilled team which Toby has put together, it is only natural that I should feel excited about their potential. I will continue to publish new information regarding the team and what they are doing as soon as I know more.