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The Founders 4 – Marco Streng

We’re driving the revolution.
— Marco Streng

Marco Streng, Co-Founder and CEO of the world’s largest cloud Bitcoin mining company, GenesisMining, took the time to answer my questions in the video.
Marco appeared in an edition of TEDxTalks and quickly became a sensation. How did he learn about cryptocurrencies, and how did he come to create the largest company in the business? He spoke with me concerning his thoughts on cryptocurrencies.

I first met him in a restaurant in Singapore. It wasn’t until we had spoken together for a few minutes that I realized that the eloquent young gentleman in front of me was actually the founder of GenesisMining.
What sort of possibilities did he see in Bitcoin and Altcoins as a mathematician and entrepreneur? What sparked his plan into action, and how did he go about building up a company which would achieve such astounding results? I thought I would like to share the answers to these questions with as many people as possible, and, while enjoying a meal of sushi paid for in Bitcoin, I began to interview him.
It is certainly worth noticing that the founder of one of the largest companies in the business is a member of the same generation and incredibly easy to speak with. I hope you enjoy listening to how this global revolution began and how it came to see such an explosive spread throughout the world.
Without further ado, please enjoy listening to what the fourth guest of The Founders, Marco Streng, has to say.