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The Founders 5 – Pavel Matveev

Bitcoin is a great instrument for cross border, international payment. And it’s great instrument for p2p payments.
— Pavel Matveev

I talked with Pavel Matveev, co-founder of Wirex, the largest distributor of Bitcoin debit cards.
Wirex is a banking platform that realized the potential of Bitcoin, and promptly turned payment through Bitcoin using a debit card into a reality, expanding the market. Its perceptive founders already have their sights on the next step.

I met Pavel in fall of 2016, when we both spoke at the same event. At the time, he told me after I had just delivered a raving speech about the possibilities of Japan’s market, that “Japan already has a market of the largest scale.” I was deeply impressed by the very fact that he had already come from the faraway land of London to pioneer the Japanese market. Since then, we have gotten together to talk about a future we can both envision every time he comes to Japan.
Listen to the 5th of The Founders, Pavel Matveev himself, discuss the possibilities of Bitcoin debit cards as the “Last Mile Solution,” and his vision for what comes next.

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